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Monday, April 30, all devanning services at the Mariposa Port of Entry are being conducted by a new company called Port Devanning Service (PDS). 

PDS was established in order to provide the importing community with a viable second option to devanning services at the Mariposa Port of Entry.  Formerly, the only stevedore at the facility was G&F Produce Services (G&F)

However, G&F has recently informed Nogales office of U.S. Custom and Border Protection that they will be retiring from their endeavors at the Mariposa Commercial facility to focus on other business opportunities.

The last-minute turn of events has accelerated the process for PDS entering the port, and full-scale operations began for the company on Monday, April 30. 

PDS will be scheduling meetings with companies across the importing community to discuss the changes at the port and to talk about the new company.  There will be no lapse in services offered at the commercial port, and operations will continue as normal for shipments needing offloading for inspection at the Mariposa facility. 

PDS was formed by the 16 members of the Nogales Customhouse Brokers Association (NCBA), a non-profit group, which is the sole partner in Port Devanning Services LLC.

As a non-profit entity, the Nogales Customhouse Brokers Association will be establishing a mechanism to invest proceeds from the PDS operation into infrastructure to better assist the importing community and to qualifying local charitable organizations.
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